Thursday, February 4, 2016

Logan Love (Happy Valentine's 2016)

Early this year. I guess I just don't want to have to wait another week and a half to post these. :)

I think we're finally leaving the threenager phase behind. Seems like it's been years. But in the last few weeks, Logan has suddenly become very sweet. Always hugging and kissing us and telling us he loves us. So heart melting!

I needed to practice a lighting technique I read about. Figured my Mexico ring worked for it. :)

(Eyes, in case you can't tell)

The super awesome, very professional setup for heart lit photos. :)

Just a fluke shot I loved!

"Count your piggies, Logan!"

Mom helped me go pick up our new studio loveseat from Park City this week. It's so perfect, neutral and pretty, I love it! Can't wait to use it for a studio session soon!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Snow Days

A long long snowy week. I miss grilled food.

Woke up before Logan for once. Sat down at the comp to reply to an email and he woke a couple minutes later. Comes in, cuddles on my lap, and says "Hi. I love you. Can I play with the laser and doggies please?"

A weekend to recover and out to play in the snowstorm this afternoon.

Learning so much more with editing these days! Winter is my favorite with time to practice new skills, so I'll be ready to use them when business starts again! I love the effects I'm able to create now!

Snow doesn't keep this kid away from the playground!

Nessie ladles make us happy. (Chili tonight, 20 minutes in the Instant Pot!)

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Sick Days

Guess we couldn't escape much longer without sickness. Luckily, this one wasn't too hard or lasted too long. It did take a while for all of us to get better though, as we each caught it.

Logan was first.

(Random - I've been using this scale as a newborn prop. It's an actual vintage one from the 80's that I bought from someone on Craigslist. Since I've decided to stop doing posed newborns though, no need to keep it for that. I hated to get rid of it though! But realized I could use a drill to pop the rivets of the faceplate, turned it around, glued back on, and wiped some stain all around. I really like it as a decor piece!)

After so many days sick, we needed a little outing/drive. Tibble Fork is completely iced and snowed over!

Leaving Costco, the receipt checker was wearing a green sherpa-type texture sweatshirt. Logan pointed to her and said "You're like a dinosaur!!"


I can't remember the last time I was sick. I dunno, I just don't catch stuff anymore ('til today). At least he enjoyed my sick day. ❤️��

Another quick drive one morning. I'm ready for warm, BUT I seriously love how pretty the snow is! Also, using it as a natural reflector. Outdoor portraits in the winter are my FAVORITE!

Comfortable, Logan? (He was totally asleep. I also have video of this.)

Sunday, January 24, 2016

A Bright Spot In Cold Winter

"There's lots of fletters falling from the sky!" (feathers, aka fluffy snow)

A bright spot on a gloomy morning.

Captain America loves his cookies'n'cream protein!


Sacrament meeting bulletin for church tomorrow.... Found this quote, loved it, and couldn't help adding the photo of my little light. ��

Shutterfly had free 4x6's if you order through the app (just pay shipping) so I finally gave them a whirl. I was pretty impressed by the images we got back! No major white balance or color shifting issues, all of the photos look almost exactly as they do on my computer! So I'll probably do our small image printing through them now.

Drawing on windows. :)

Talking to Logan about going to visit Steph soon. He mostly understands:

"Aunt Steph can get us from the airplane and take us to see her big, huge house full of kitties!"

Cold, sad kitties. They miss summer.

Somewhere recent, Logan learned about pillow fights. This is his interpretation of one: He stands there while we hit him.

I just couldn't think of a caption for this one. Funny boy.

One of my favorite things is a moment at the end of the day to talk to Logan as I put him to bed. Ask about his day and tell what we're doing tomorrow. Today, he was SO excited to tell me he sung "songs about cheezus in pirary". How I love this little boy. Also, bless the fantastic primary in our ward. They are all saints.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Some Kind Of Entertainment

One morning, Logan woke me with "Want chicken for breakfast! Want turkey for lunch!".


Logan found a (very dirty) little friend at the tire place while we were getting work done. It took A LOT of convincing to get him to leave it there and not take it home with us.

An audience while I ate my turkey sandwich.

Yum, coconut oil. He goes back and forth. Sometimes he hates it, sometimes he can't get enough.

One wedding down, two engagement sessions to go. ❤️��

Early morning for one of the engagement sessions. It was so gorgeous and perfect!

"Please, I can have a bouncy ball cookie?" (frozen cookie dough ball)

Kjelsie and Lucy love their present from Sol.

We took Daddy back to the lake one afternoon. It really does change a lot. Less than a week from our last visit and the pushed up frozen sheets were gone.

That day, there was a ton of fog ON the lake. We could see it sitting there as we drove up to it and parked, and once we walked out into the lake, couldn't see anything else!


Making a "Snow Angel Logan".

This was one of about 6. We had to convince him that he didn't need to make a new one every five feet we walked.

Sunset, fog, and reeds.

(Found some sticky mustaches) Cleaning the house with music on one day and Logan asked me to dance with him. Impossible to say no.

(Toy Story to a three year old)

After watching Inside Out one afternoon, we talked about it.

Me: "Logan, what happened in the movie?"

L: "The sad part."

Me: "What sad part?"

L: "With the Bing Bong."

Me: "What happened to Bing Bong?"

L: "He fell down. In the dark memories. He's lost in the dark. It so sad. He went in the dark."


Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Oh The Weather Outside Is.... A Cold, Gray Bucket of Suck

Rob's current favorite phrase. We still find some fun, but it's few and further between than summer.

Rob had a quick business trip and Logan and I went out to play at the lake one day. It's funny how much it can change day to day! Kimber went the day before us and the buckled ice was not there. But it was for us, and a couple places strong enough to slide on.

I actually planned to go that day because I was supposed to get my camera back from a minor calibration at the shop, but they didn't have it done yet. So all photos are from my phone.

Frozen. The leaves stuck in the ice were fun.

It's a LARGE expanse of ice. I didn't expect it would freeze so far out.

I told Logan we were going to play at the lake this afternoon. He didn't quite understand that "play at the lake" in the winter is a bit different from the summer. �� Still had fun running around and sliding on the ice for two hours though!


Two of my favorite photos from that day. I braided some twine and tied it to the sled so now it can be pulled around.

Haha, where Apple maps said I was.

Bubbles and cracks in the ice.


My favorite ice bubble shot.

Breaktime from sledding and sliding.

Where the bubbles were. Pushed up hills of ice and shooting through it towards the sun lit up all the particles and bubbles in the sheets.