Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sunny Days!

Since it seems that Spring started right after Christmas this year.... Hehe. I love it. I've loved the last couple months! And now it's really starting to warm, it makes me so happy!

Favorite after-birthday activity, popping balloons on our sharp front yard grass.

Logan was so happy and good for his three year checkup! Everything looks great, he's 50% for height and back down to 5% weight, skinny boy. It was so funny that day to think back on his two year checkup, when he barely said any words other than grunts. How that has changed so much in one year!

More preschool! Marble painting, ribbon wands for planet rings, and Neptune pictures!

A visit to the farm and meeting a "lillo bunny".

His Chew Chew Train from Grandma & Grandpa arrived from Amazon and he was SO excited to use it! Still is, every single meal too!

Two different nights.... It's starting to get warm in his sun-facing room, and doesn't cool too quickly at night.

What I could get. I wish he hadn't looked. I noticed him just sitting in the sun, eyes closed, and face to the warmth. But I guess the noise of me trying to grab my camera/long lens distracted him.

A morning with Daddy.

Logan roasted his marshmallow all by himself for the very first time! He was pretty proud and excited about it!

A perfect evening for our first official BBQ and dinner outside for the year.

1:30am.... Which is right now.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Logan's Third Birthday

My baby is three! Where has the time gone? Rob asked me if I could believe we've kept a human alive for three years, haha.

Only 26 minutes, shorter than last year!

Our DIY train table, finished, and five dozen balloons, blown up. Midnight before his birthday.

Another year, another morning of surprise balloons. Sleep well, my sweet birthday boy.

I love watching him wake to this every year.

And then on to his presents first thing in the morning!

We are very proud of our train table. Lots of work, but so much cheaper than buying, and custom fit to roll under his bed. AND most definitely his favorite present from us!

Provo Rec Center, our first activity of the day. We told him we were going to the swimming pool with cousins and the entire way there, he kept pointing to random buildings and exclaiming, "There's the shrimp pool!"

Swimming and playing with Daddy. Haha, apparently he is now very used to having dry, non-bulky clothing, so the wet swim diaper/suit really threw him off. His waddling was hilarious.

My little sea monkey.

Then some fun head bonking with Logan! These two boys.... They are definitely rough-tumbly BOYS together!

Then on to pizza and a fun t-ball set from Logan!

Ready to party!

Birthday boy!

It was SO fun to have everyone visit! All of the kids and family celebrating with us just made our/Logan's day perfect!

Singing and blowing out his train candle!


So glad Maren caught this. :) He gets so excited sometimes and I love it!

More candle and his birthday cupcake. 

Sweet, perfect presents from everyone! Logan adored them all!

Thank you to everyone who celebrated with us! It was a perfect day with the ones we love!


Yep. And that's the end of a long, happy day.

One last hug for Grandma. I think he was in a happiness high at the end and loved everyone who came!

The aftermath.

....And the morning after. Such a fun day, but an exhausting week preparing for it!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Preschool, Cuddles, & A "Summer" Day

Moon games, coloring Mercury, and a story during snack time!

Logan is starting to drop his nap. Still takes one about half the time, but Becks has definitely claimed that bed as his own during the day. Logan loves finding him in it, cuddling him, and reading him stories. :)

Dancing! (And Logan just watched, haha.)

Logan doesn't love when I exercise, because he gets limited attention during. So he tries to interrupt as much as possible.... This time he climbed into my lap between push ups to kiss, hug, and giggle. Silly boy.

A perfect summer day. Oh wait, it's only the first day of Spring? Coulda fooled me....

Thursday, March 19, 2015

A Lighting Experiment

Lately, I've wanted to experiment with a more "gritty" look in studio lighting. Controlled, harsh, and defining. Rob and Dean were my guinea pigs. :) I REALLY love how they turned out though! I kinda want to do more of this now and maybe even see if I can somehow incorporate this more direct lighting into regular sessions.

Maren calls it "Fifty Shades of Rob". Whatev. Also, yesterday was ten years since the hubster and I met in person (woot woot for MySpace!) and this is my post for every year together that has been better than the last!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

St. Paddy's 2015

I wasn't fun enough this year to really do much. I've been told that's okay though, and not to start the leprechaun stuff with the kiddo cuz then I'll have to do it every year. I'm good with that, I'm lazy. :) This is just a bit of our day.

One of those moments when I wished I hadn't just barely (literally five minutes before) put my big camera away.... And that I had a more photogenic house/backyard.

Still cute though. Becks is so patient with him.

Ava brought over an invitation for Logan for her birthday party! This morning he spotted it sitting on the kitchen counter, held it up, and BEGGED to "build an Olaf". Then, "a eat more Olaf!"

Pssh, who needs leprechauns once a year when I have this crazy boy 24/7/365? (No, I'm not a fun/creative enough mom to do anything other than put on the shirt his Aunt Maren bought for him LAST year.)

We got our couch cleaned! We've had it for nearly seven years and I just couldn't de-stink it myself anymore. We hired ChemDry for it and I am SUPER happy with the results. Hooray for a clean couch!

Pretty much my only participation in the day. My necklace from Ireland and I colored dinner green. :)

Bah humbug. Beckham's thought of the day. :)