Monday, October 5, 2015

The Pumpkin Patch Is Open!

And boy is it crowded. :\

Morning, amazing patience from that cat.

So happy to be back again, but wow, the pumpkin patch is crazy crowded this year.

I think I have to get at least one shot of this every year.

Hay ride!

It was a bit of a wobbly ride, and he had to hold my hand for stability.

It was a beautiful day!

Gus is a mom?

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Conference Weekend

Our fire truck at Home Depot. They also had a bunch of recent kits out for the taking, we got a couple that we missed to do later!

(Lashes that have always made mommy jealous.) Logan doesn't do well with days stuck at home on the couch. Lots of running, jumping, loud noises, then.... crashed.

Forgot to pick up cinnamon rolls yesterday, so we ended up with blueberry buckle muffins in Halloween cups for conference breakfast. Ugly, but so delicious.

Some peace.

Conference cuddles

After two days at home, we needed a quick out for a little while.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Las Vegas

I had to make a quick trip down to Vegas for a newborn session. We got to stay with our Cooley grandparents, and Rob even got to switch his flight home from his business trip to there and drive home with us the next day! It was a fun, but sooo fast, couple of days. We need to visit down there longer someday.

Logan Says:
In the car, Rob was on the phone with work, talking about a product.
R: "It's absolutely square."
L: "It's absolutely.... triangle!"

The first thing he wanted, begged to do. The hot tub heated up quick, and we had a good while in there to play!

He thought Sophie wanted to be his friend. Haha, didn't realize she wanted his cookie. :)

"It's a dragonfly car!"

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

It's Too Hot For Fall

But a little too cool (and busy) to go to the beach. :\

Bubbles one day.

Thanks to good friends and family, I've had a couple of babysitters help me out with Logan (Thank you all!) while Rob has had several business trips lately. Amelia watched him Saturday night for me. He was playing games on the iPad when she left and took a few minutes to notice she was gone. When he did notice:

L: "Where's my Aunt Mila?"
Me: "Aunt Mila went home."
L: "Oh.... Sad!"

Then he passed right out on the couch. :)

She's never been a sink cat, but sometimes she has her crazy moments.

Cuddling his Beckham and he begged for this at the store. I succumbed, but I think he'll end up being a pirate for Halloween this year.

I rebuilt and reupholstered this bench about forever and a day ago.... in white fabric. But as gorgeous as it was, with a house full of dogs, cats, and a little boy, it got dirty quick. So I kept it covered all the time, to keep it clean. Finally made a slipcover today so it's not just lumpy blankets hanging all over to protect it anymore.

We just pulled up to the park and I asked Logan if he wants to play on the playground. He looked out the window: "I see friends! I'm so psych-ed (excited) to play with friends on the playground!"

One night while Rob was gone, I woke up at 2, don't know why. I decided to check on Logan, but couldn't see him on the camera. I looked all over the house and found him asleep under our bed. Weirdo. I had to move him back to his bed, though he just wanted to stay and cuddle.

Logan discovered a love for decorative glues and stickers. :P (Kits, $1 each from the Orem Joann store.)

Someone found an opportunistic moment.

More Becks.

Over a year and I still love this place. (Three and a half years, and I love that face even more!)

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Super Blood Moon

And my photos from it:

Rising from behind the mountain.

This is totally not photoshopped. #liar

After doing this exact same process a year and a half ago, I feel like I'm beating a dead horse. Last image. Since the moon didn't rise above our mountains until almost to totality, I wasn't able to catch the good phases this time. This is two images combined of the last sliver we saw of the regular moon, and the full blood moon. Would anyone have noticed at all if I just skipped tonight and had re-edited/posted my last set? Probably not, haha.

I submitted one of my photos to the news.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Life's A Beach

We've had some really, really warm September days this week. Though I like the cool of autumn, I have really enjoyed the time that Logan and I have been able to spend at the beach before the weather cools off too much. We will miss playing in the warm (buggy) water until next summer!

Here's ten thousand photos from our week, mostly beach stuff. :) The selfie stick got some good use on the second day, haha. I finally took the DSLR on the last day and got some "good" ones too. Each day completely wore Logan out, total WIN!

It was a cold morning, no splayed out sleeping kitty. :)

I'm so excited to get our new family photo in this frame! It's so much prettier in person. While ordering the frame and running other errands in Orem, we dropped by Cinnabon. Surprisingly, Logan wasn't a huge fan. I got a couple of pants altered this week too, and while at the seamstress, had to teach Logan that it's not okay to lick mirrors or seats....

Panorama from my phone.

Break from responsibilities for an hour.

I don't know why, but we kept finding ladybugs stuck in the water. We'd pull them out, blow on them, and let them go on the sand.

End of the first beach day. Success.

Second beach day. Utah Lake was glass. It was weird and gorgeous. I wish I'd taken the big camera that day, it was so pretty.

As sweet as sweater weather and pumpkin everything is, I think I'll hold on to summer for just a little bit longer.

Our "castle" we built that day.

Logan loved our handwriting practice in the sand. I finally had to tear him away to go home after that.

Another ladybug. This one was itty bitty.

And the last day. I've been happy to squeeze all of these beach days in this week. Since I have 8 shoots in the next 7 days, there won't be a whole lot of time for fun after this week. :(

He enjoyed yesterday so much, he begged to come back and draw letters again today. After another hour of practice, he's doing them on his own! Too bad I don't have good teaching ideas very often, this has been fun.

A 44 image pano from the good camera this time. Took me forever to edit. It probably won't ever happen but someday, but it'd be fun to have a 6 or 10 foot print of it, to see all of the tiny details.

(Screenshot as PS merged them all. Pretty amazing program and results.)

Joy. (In his 12m swimsuit, cuz all his others were still dirty from how many times we've been there this week.)