Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day 2015

Friday, February 13, 2015

Sweets Before Lent

I'm doing it.... Emilee challenged everyone to give up sugar/desserts for the forty days. Last April, I was able to get myself down to once a week, so I can do this, right? I know it'll be tough, but cutting out sugar really does make me feel so much better. Fewer headaches, less sleepy, it's great! So anyway, here's the last few sweets I got to have before then....

Why so serious? (Logan - "All done! A chocolate arms!")

Though I still can't figure how to make a decent cheese fondue (NOT grainy), the dessert fondue appeared to be acceptable. 

Introducing Logan to Ants On A Log. He wasn't a huge fan (only took one bite), but he didn't spit it out, so I think it'll grow on him.

My hot Valentine date. I can never go to PF Changs and not get vanilla lemonade!

Dancing in front of the oven and begging for chocolate cookies.

Our favorite. EVERYTHING is good at Culver's! And it's the one place I will seriously miss during the forty days.... Sure, we could go for burgers and fries, but it would be so hard to resist the custard!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Greg has been doing this for a while now and Rob caught the bug, so we decided to try it one boring afternoon!

Also, that morning, Rob had Logan while I was working and text me that they went to get donut holes. Logan kept calling them cute little donuts and Logan donuts.

Looking for the first one near our house! There's actually a bunch by us! 

Logan loved going on a "treasure hunt"!

Second find, only a block from our first!

We need to go again soon, we all had so much fun!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Refinished Director's Chair

A simple project I picked up at a yard sale last year and finally had time/desire to do it!

Before. Yuck.

First thing, I pulled off the original fabric and bought new duck canvas at Joann to replace it with. Then measured, pinned, pressed, sewed, etc.

Lots and lots of staining. I just discovered a new Minwax stain, Espresso, that I ADORE. I used my regular old Vintage Walnut on the floating shelf above the TV, but it was just a bit too reddish for what I want now, so I had to do a coat of Ebony on top to tone down the color. This new Espresso though, is perfect!

Done done done!

It turned out awesome! I was originally thinking I'd paint it some kind of color but I'm very happy I went with the neutrals instead. It's so much more clean-looking!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Super Bowl & Other Fun

I did some head shots for a couple of sisters a few weeks ago. I had Logan with me. Their mom brought along their two-year-old brother (half-black) and Logan got sooooo excited when he saw the little boy. He was saying "Jai! Cunyions! Jai play Logan!" He was so excited and refused to believe me when I kept telling him that boy was not Jai.

At a friend's house for the super bowl, Logan discovered kinetic sand and loved super bowl food!

His next tattoo choice: a robot that practically goes top to bottom of his upper arm.

It's so weird to be playing outside without even a jacket at the beginning of February!

Logan wanted to send Grandma an email from his app. :)

Dawww, Logan's first signature. The things that make a Mommy smile!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

DIY Yarn Wrapped Love Letters

I absolutely adore how these turned out. But the time they took? No. I thought they'd be so easy. And they were. But the time wrapping the yarn around and around the letters was like six hours alone. Ugh. But I love 'em, right? So pretty much, I wouldn't do this unless it's a worthwhile project for you, time wise. They were to me. :)

I scrounged up some large cardboard boxes, and cut them into flat pieces. Eight pieces total, and glued each two together, to have 4 chunks to work with. I cut the letter stencils out with my silhouette, then used the overhead projector to project and trace them large. (Logan helped)

Then I used the scroll saw for cutting them out! I've only ever cut wood with it, it was a refreshing change to cut cardboard, it just sliced right through!

(After six hours of wrapping the yarn,) I sprayed them with some gold glitter spray. Just a hint, it's not very obvious, but it's a little touch I liked.

And done! Used them for my Valentine minis and then brought them home to decorate for February.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

DIY Redecorating Bug

Inspired by a friend's home that I love every single time I visit, I had the bug this winter. So I made a lot of changes in the house. Not too much $$ in it, lots of reusing items I had and making other items. The inspiration house will always be so much nicer than mine but I feel like I am happier with how mine looks now, getting closer to the style that's more comfortable and ME! Here's a bit of a snippet of things that have changed!

I got this Ikea bench/shelf like 8 years ago. I put the feet on it then but recently saw someone who mounted one on the wall! This thing is always collecting dust bunnies so I wanted to mount mine too, and get it off the floor! Sooo......

Five heavy duty L-brackets from Lowes, into the undersides of the top and studs on the wall! Also: 

- You can see my LOVE letters (DIY coming in another post) I brought home from the studio after minis (they took way too much time to make, to use only once!) to decorate for Valentines. They're back at the studio now for other possible uses. :)
- FINALLY bought a new movement for my huge clock so it tells the actual time again!
- The faux sheepskin rug I got from for a screamin' deal, only $6 in January!
- Brought the mirror in from a different part of the house. I really love it there now!

My little collection of stuffs:

- Finally found a glass container to put our shells that I collected at Huntington Beach in Sept 2013.
- Blue lantern, clearance at Pier 1.
- Large sweater wrapped bottle, a thrift store sweater sleeve on a rum bottle from making vanilla.
- Another random glass container, with a sweater sleeve and bottle caps in it.
- Just peeking out, you can see the five old railroad stakes I bought at the Thanksgiving Point Train Show last month!

A simple, quick DIY, twine wrapped bottles. So easy, it only took about an hour to wrap both! I've been going through a lot of twine lately....

The new floating shelf above the TV, along with a little addition below. I saw this fabulous idea to hide a wifi router by cutting the inside out of an old book and stacking them to cover it! It's so perfect! I think I want to get a couple more to completely hide the antennas, but it's a start! (Books bought at the thrift store.)

The metal scroll bars used to be above the TV. But they never really jived with me there. I like them around our canvas though! The couch is still pretty much the same, just the new throw pillowcases I made last month, and a new rug.

Finger knitting! I think this piece might be a little too chunky for the jar thought, I may pick it and make a new smaller one, maybe with two fingers instead of four. The glass gallon jar I picked up at a yard sale for $2. The scrabble letters and plastic wedding "glass" filler both from Amazon. ALLLLLLL of that, just to showcase my metal plated rose. (It's been nearly ten years since he gave it to me!)

More finger knitting! This is one whole skein of yarn, just barely enough to cover the foam wreath form from Walmart. Then some old ribbon and embellishments I dug out of crafting supplies.

That's pretty much it for now! More coming soonish, but that's probably the bulk of my redecorating this year. (Like the hints of the newly painted kitchen cabinets, you can see above!)

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Logan's Valentine Photos 2015

I did end up doing Valentine minis again this year. I loved testing them with Logan, cuz I had to play around to figure out what lighting I liked best! (Made the LOVE letters myself, post coming soon on them!