Tuesday, November 10, 2015


It's here and I definitely already miss the warm. :( Now I guess we need some snow!

I'm super excited about the truck I found for Xmas minis this year!

Fall is here!

Visit to the museum with our friends! We actually were there for a story time this visit, it was pretty cute.

Logan always wants to take photos now. And he's so proud of them. Cute boy.

I definitely know it's too cold when the cats start spending more time at home, with me, and cuddling.

Home Depot, a jet this time! Vehicles are our favorites.

Ever since the pumpkin patch closed for the year (and they plowed over the fields) we've had hundreds of these birds living in the trees on our street. This video is only of my neighbor's two trees, but they blanket the other trees, roofs, and grass too. In the moments when they are all settled, the chirping is deafening. It's fun to hear. They are very easily startled though. They made the mistake of chilling on our back lawn a few mornings back and Lucy thought it was Christmas when she noticed them out there.

And poor kiddo caught his first cold of the season. Luckily only a couple of days and he's doing better! His new jet has been his bedridden companion.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Photo Moments

Little guy was helping me test out a new lighting setup I wanted to try before a session. :)


We're only a few months away!

I can't wait to get onto the grounds of OUR temple!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Slash Bash 2015!

We lurve the crane the bestest!



Scissor lift.

Silly Gus.

Donut break.

Rob was able to join us for a few minutes between work tasks!


Another year, another fantastic event. We love this!

One last crane drop. This time with cousins.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Last Warm Days

Walking to Cubbys for dinner.
L, pointing: "That's Cubbys, we eat Cubbys!"
Me, pointing to Malawis next door: "Are you sure? Or is that Cubbys?"
L: "No.... that's for eating an elephant."

Right after this photo, as I was about to get in the shower, Lucy barked so I ran out to check why and found Logan had opened the front door to some solicitor and just about to go outside. Now I'm so grateful she warned me, cuz I didn't hear anything and he had just opened the door himself!

"Mommy! There's a 'x'!"

The birthday card Amelia gave me over a year and a half ago. Still going strong! And every time Logan finds it again, it's totally like the first scene in Easy A.

Ducks, minnows, and a butterfly. Taking advantage of our last warm day for a while.


Daylight savings, blah.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween 2015

Happy Halloween from our goofy little pirate!

Another cool, cuddly morning.

We got to meet our vet's Sven during the Main Street trick-or-treat!

Maren says he needs his own Instagram.... I'd agree, but I don't want to have to manage a 4th account if they can't make account switching quicker and easier.

A little trick-or-treat, a few tantrums, some cuddles by the fire, and OUT.

(Day after) Rob got to meet the Avengers and Sophie. That was a relaxing evening. (Other than the herd of crazy kittens and excited Logan.)

Friday, October 30, 2015

The Last Of October

Logan put another rock in Rob's motorcycle tailpipe again. Little punk. Rob took off the exhaust to see if it was in the top. It wasn't, but decided to turn it on and rev it to see if he could hear where it ended up in the pipe. Lucky lucky lucky, as he revved it really hard, I watched it blast the rock out of the open pipe!

Halloween party at the Springville Museum of Art!

Drawing letters, numbers, and shapes in the corn. This kiddo is obsessed with letters in any medium he can get!

A private hay ride for us!

It was a bit dark that afternoon. And Logan a bit tired, haha.

Our last visit. And sharing with a new friend.

My newly acquired backdrop. I can't wait to really use it soon!

I taught Logan how to use the camera today. He was just a teeny bit excited about it.

Our ward Halloween party! As you can see, we go alllllll out with our decorations for trunk-or-treat.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Logan, The Neverland Pirate

Logan's Halloween photos this year. I just didn't have time.... So he got a costume already made.

Logan's posing. Haha.

Bieber pirate, haha.

We also had the fantastic opportunity to have Justin Hackworth take some Halloween photos of our goofy little pirate. I completely adore how they came out!