Wednesday, May 11, 2016


I guess we got a little bit of an adventure bug this week. Lots of driving, exploring, and hiking around. It was a good week, with some pretty fantastic sunsets.

West Mountain

Not a bad view, if I do say so myself.... ;)

We ❤️ our mountains.

Sunset moment.

Spanish Fork Peak and a random trail near us on West Mountain.

Woke up to growling this morning. Maddi had been cuddling against my shoulder. Beckham wasn't going to accept any lower, so he walked across her to cuddle with my head. I'm surprised she held her ground and didn't run away.

Fun tree!

Test of the Spanish Fork Peak trail this afternoon. Made it a little over a mile before the kiddo quit on us. Going all the way to the top (sans Logan) in a month+week!

We have to make a game out of hiking, to get this kid to go anywhere, or else he immediately whines that he's too tired. A game makes it much easier on him!

First really hot day of the year, warm enough to go full swimsuit gear and play in the mucky lake for a few hours. I feel all artsy hipster, posting photos with intentional blurry focus. Guess I should go buy some slouchy beanies made from the hair of Nepalese sloths and move to Seattle now.

Testing out the 2x telephoto extender. Not as great as I hoped, but not too bad either!

R: "Okay, Logan, time to go down."
L: "No! I climb to the top of the mountain!"

Little guy did this one all by himself and was so proud!

West Mountain Monday, Spanish Fork Peak Wednesday, and Rock Canyon Friday (tonight). I love Utah.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day Weekend-ish

I have to say, we loved the movie. Of course, like every other Marvel movie. But it felt SO different from all of the others because there was no right and wrong or definitive bad guy. It was just difference of opinions and morality. So hard to choose a side and so much emotion felt for everyone defending what they felt was right. Because of this, there is no solid conclusion to the movie and I feel left hanging on the edge. Which was probably their aim for attempting to bring everyone back together for the future Avengers movies. (Thanks to Jeremiah for taking us along!)

Always Steve, the cuddler.

Responding to clients, everywhere, all the time.

Happy Mother's Day! (We make our Mama proud. See her ignore Josh's glorious "announcement" and just smile....)

Logan's first talk in Primary today!

Friday, May 6, 2016

Twisted & 100th Cache!

This day was a day of location scouting. Had to find a train car for one client and check out how Sundance was looking for another.

I got the Lensbaby Twist60 yesterday and had to take it out for a test drive. Because it's a manual aperture AND manual focus, I'm super slow at getting the shot. I've been spoiled with my modern camera's light meter and lenses that have auto focus! SO, Rob got to play model for me since Logan's too fast for my fingers, haha. It's a super fun little toy though, I'm excited to play with it more at upcoming sessions!

After 15 months of geocaching, we found our 100th cache today!

A little fun shot afterwards.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Every Day Life

How Logan puts stuff in his pocket. Every time.

We got a new memory foam topper for our bed. Went to throw the old one away, put it in Logan's box as cushioning instead. He's had a rough, emotional day today (begging to go back to the cabin) and I just finally got my run in on the elliptical. Realized the house had gotten suspiciously quiet while I ran....

A little boy lives here.

Helping mommy stir salsa.

New animals at the farm!

Logan woke me with kisses this morning. Then when I was getting up, he said, "You don't go look in your office and the kitties' room. You don't see the mess I did with games." Jedi mind tricks?

We dropped by to visit Rob at work one day, then went to feed the ducks. Logan was fascinated with the fearless animals, but afraid of how bold they were.

Logan randomly just counted out loud to 50, all by himself, without any prompting or help! 😮😄 So we printed off a hundreds chart to play and practice with.

I don't have much time for craftiness anymore, but every once in a while, I get the urge to crank something out. 😉 Made new pillowcases for our ancient Euro pillows today. I couldn't find the exact pattern I wanted but this baby blue/white quatrefoil was pretty close. 
Next project: Strip the black paint off our bedroom furniture and stain it all an antique walnut. That one is going to be a doozy.

Maren reminded us it was Beckham's birthday and Logan decided he wanted to sing to him.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Spring Creek Canyon Hiking

I've been wanting to hike up Spring Creek Canyon for a while now. This day turned out to be absolutely perfect and we had so much fun exploring. Logan was such a good hiker, we spent three hours up there!

Love me a good field of Queen Anne's Lace.

Portal to....

Sun is fun.

Wild turkeys across the canyon from us!

Got this kid to hike straight up the mountain to an amazing lookout!

Super fun spot to sit and look out.

Tough guy killed it with hiking around and mountain climbing in Spring Creek Canyon this morning!

We actually tried finding 3 geocaches that day. This was our only score, the other two seemed to be missing.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

1st Cabin Visit 2016

Even cold and wet, with no ATV to play on this trip, it's still a photo-heavy vacation. :)

The babies settled in nicely.

Just a little cold in Yellowstone this weekend.

Grand Prismatic. So cold, nothing to see with all the fog.

Strangers in the mist.

Yellowstone Grand Canyon

Lower Falls.

Look what we saw!

More typical sights. At least we didn't try to kidnap a baby bison and try to take it with us. Sigh.

Those babies love their daddy!

Logan woke at 5:45 this morning.... 😱💀😭

Treasure hunting in the ❄️!

Big Springs. I tried to get a photo of the fish above the water but they were too quick!

Big Spring again.

The water wheel.

On the way to see Big Sky for the first time! Logan had a random fever that day, so he didn't really get out of the car.

Big Sky
Coming back.

This shot didn't turn out as fabulous as I was imagining. Oh well.

Another kitty with daddy.