Saturday, June 21, 2014

Logan's First Movie

We finally took the plunge and took Logan to see his first theater movie. I'll admit, it didn't go well. He only paid attnetion to about the first 30 minutes and was done. Oh well, good first try, maybe we'll take him to another in a year?

All set up with a bag of popcorn, which he did not want to share with anyone!

At the beginning....

Friday, June 20, 2014

We Love Summer

Dinner must be grilled all the time now. We love our naan pizzas! I just adore the naan recipe we have.

I think he needs a bike basket so puppy doesn't have to ride in his shirt.....

A tough morning to get up. Love my cuddly kitties.

I enjoyed a distraction of helping a friend make her own teepee with my tutorial! She wanted some things done different though and I just adore how the medallion came out! I want one on ours now!

After helping with the new teepee, I decided to get ours out, for the first time in a while. Logan was excited to eat "strawbies" in his "tint".

Nice restaurant, very messy toddler who loves 'ghetti.....

Little punk has learned to lie/cry wolf.... He woke up waaayyy to early this morning and laid next to his door, calling "I pooped!" I went in to put him back to bed and he kept pointing to his diaper and insisting he pooped. Changed him and no poop. Little punk was just trying to get up early....

Happy birthday to Ellery, a new little friend!

I think he was a little jealous and maybe a little confused by a small car, haha.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

iPad Art

So, it only took me about 2.5 years to finally put this together.... In like 5 minutes with an iPad collage app.

I think my hair got bigger every month too....

I found these among like 30 more on my iPad one day.... And it's continually being added to. My budding artist. :P

Monday, June 16, 2014

Logan Cam Spying

Still one of the best baby purchases we've made. I can keep an eye on Logan whenever and wherever!


I had to decide if I wanted to risk it and let him sleep or try to move him. I risked it and he was fine.

When he was sick, he had a tough time sleeping alone. Needed some cuddles for sleeping.

Morning entertainment before Mommy let him out.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day 2014

Just a little bit from Rob's day.

The shirt was a gamble, Rob had never heard of Rhone Apparel and I hoped he would love it for the $$$ it cost! Good thing I know my hubby and guessed right!

Logan's reaction to the present he got for his Daddy for Father's Day! This is also the first time Logan has said his own name without mangling it, and now he says it AAAAAALLLLLLLLLL the time!

He really enjoyed reading the new story with Daddy in bed!

And catching up on his magazines while we were upstairs, haha.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Art City Days 2014 Part 2

I was an awesome mom at prepping for the children's parade.... Blew up balloons the night before, then late to the parade, half of the balloons flew away when we got there, and then couldn't get the rest attached to the wagon.... Oh well, the kiddos still enjoyed their parade walk!

On to the children's art festival, where Logan decorated some sunglasses....

Made fingerprint minions....

Got a monster drawn on his hand....

And made a kite!

There were so many activities to choose from but still super crowded and mostly over Logan's head so we didn't stay long. We were definitely impressed with our first year at the Children's Art Festival!

Mmmm, sad that this is a highlight of my life? Having a home recipe is good'n'all but sometimes ya just need the real thing....

Love love loved our junky, fatty, delicious, carnival food!

Only the carnival rides! After screaming, struggling , and fighting....

To get on that ride NOW....

Logan learned what regret is. Just one of the many sad photos as he whizzed by on the bumpy roller coaster.

After that regretful roller coaster ride, smiles didn't happen much.

And the little wimp refused to sit on a carousel horse. Boring.

And wasn't too hot on any of the other rides.

The next morning, we picked up free Krispy Kreme donuts for breakfast (in exchange for a tie, Dad's Day promo!)

And watched the parade! It was kinda a chilly summer morning, so we had to bundle up a bit.

His attention was riveted on the loud firetrucks.

Look! Our tumbling place!

Taking a moment to warm up and eat another donut.