Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Two On A Summer Day

A fun, busier than I expected, summer day. Midway through the day, we got a fabulously crazy storm, and once it let up a little, we were able to play in the warm rain a little. After naptime, I took the time to transport all of my props over to MY NEW STUDIO! Then we hit up the last Food Truck Roundup and Concert Tuesday at the Springville library. Last thing, since Rob isn't here to hate it, we did a little location scouting. I'm happy to say that my gut feelings paid off, and we found three potentially great spots in Southeast Mapleton!

You can only wish your child was as well trained as mine, to bring your shoes(flip-flops) to you on a platter(frisbee). 

Taking the truck out!

To splash in the puddles.

We'll play every time. We love our summer storms! 

Squashed all my stuff in.... Hope we can get to everything now! I'm just way too excited to have the fun partners I do and all their props to use, haha!

When we pulled up with the last load, Logan looked up and exclaimed, "Home!" so happily. He knows.... Another experiment with this is whether he can get used to the place and behave while I'm shooting. We'll see. :)

Our first try of Fiore pizza, mmmm! We really enjoyed listening to Synergy, a local band of three guys on cellos and one on drums. Loved their music!

Personal space? What's personal space? (And right after I took these photos, he went and sat in some kid's lap....)

Location hunting!

My fave spot we found, soooo can't wait to go there this weekend with a cute couple to shoot! 



Saturday, July 26, 2014

Summer Friends & Fun

Fun things we've done with friends lately. Logan & I have spent a lot of time with Macall & Ava lately and he's really loved it! It's been nice to hang out together.

Sharing pretzels after swimming and I don't know what they were looking at.

Greg got married! At the gorgeous reception, Logan found a gang of kids to follow, haha.

And helped Ellery fill her cup with pebbles. :P

We had the Johnson's over for dinner one night and dessert was Drumsticks. The following slightly-nudey kids were being such goofs while eating their cones! I couldn't decide which photo I liked best, they just made so many silly faces, I can't handle it! Love these two sweet kids!

And a little walk to the farm one evening.

Friday, July 25, 2014


This kiddo loves his mommy's longboard. I can't figure out how to balance us both standing though, so we just have to sit/ride for now.

One day we were out, he saw the wiener dog down the street and exclaimed, "Doggie! .... Doggie nice?"

"Mommy, on!"


Sometimes he likes to ride behind, sometimes he likes to sit between my legs.

And that's how we roll!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Pioneer Day 2014

Hot but great! This is why I don't mind missing the 4th Of July at home. Love having two grill food/family/fireworks holidays in Utah!

Mmmm, chocolate cobbler.

A lovely sunset, produced from not-so-lovely fires to the west of us.

Helping Papa check out the fireworks!

At the first few we set off, Logan was really nervous and needed some cuddles. He got better later on, but it was so adorable how he knew that Grandpa's lap is safe!

Logan sure loves spending time with his Sperry cousins. When we were going to see my family one day, I asked him if he wanted to go see cousins. He said back, "Cunyons? Aunt Binna?" and ran to get in his car seat.

Tired. He cuddled right up to me and started drifting.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Fiesta Days Rodeo 2014

We went to the rodeo with our Cooley family again this year! I think I enjoyed it so much better having my hubby with me. It was great to be all together. Logan loved having his cousins to socialize with too! Haha, I think my favorite part is that we had two rows for our seats. Made it nice to talk together!

Future mutton bustin' cousins.... Hope they're paying attention!

Squish in.

Mmmmm, fruit with chocolate and cream on it. Hey, I can pretend it was healthy, right?

A rare moment of the kiddo actually sitting still for once... He loved watching team roping with his Papa Cooley!

Little guy was crashing by the end. He used to get so worked up and hyper when he got tired but lately he's been just getting more mellow. Definitely a nice change.

Monday, July 21, 2014

A Midsummer Storm

Warm summer storms = Best! Love these days and random playing outside.

"Mommy, come!"

Two completely different reactions. Sol was really nervous about the noise in the storm drains and Logan was just fascinated.

Puddle jumping.

Love this.