Saturday, May 9, 2015

Home From California

The last half of our trip went entirely too fast. I loved it and hope to be able to go again really soon, maybe with paying clients booked ahead of time, to help pay for the trip expenses. (Also, Lucy is pretty much the best hostess ever, taking us everywhere  and entertaining us even though she was so busy!)

Other than some potty training regression (bleh) Logan really did so well this trip. Especially for the long car rides and sleeping times. It was really encouraging to have him be so good in the car!

A random bunny in the bushes....

Lucy took us to see the tide pools at Laguna. We also stopped at the benches at the top.

Just missing Rob....

And down to the tide pools. I recognized this arch! Some of the photogs I love have posted photos here!

We found a crab!

Sadly, though we went during "low tide" it was hardly low. Pretty much all the wildlife we saw.

'Tilda, the fearless mountain goat. Logan, the sheep/follower.

Not much to see here.

One wide angle shot, though still nothing fabulous/amazing.

More silly kiddos.

Nap interruption....

Jack is SUCH a happy baby! He just loves to kick and play and smile at everyone. What a little flirt!

And our last full day there.... Hooray for colds. :\

I got to meet Michaela that day! So much fun to see her and sweet little Maeve! Of course I was totally awkward, and wish we could have visited longer, but had to get the sickie home. After this, I was able to pick up some cold medicine for him during nap time, that made the rest of the trip bearable for him.

And new photos with the family! It's simple, but I love this shot of the sun glow on Matilda's (natural) curls!


AWWWWWW! (As he reaches to grab her pant cuff and hold on....)



Smiling at Daddy's flauta.... He was grabbing for it and almost had the entire tray in his lap at one point! Silly hungry baby.

Our last morning. We were so sad to leave. We had to have Ruby's Cinnamon Roll French Toast just once before going.

Walking back down the pier and putting off the trip for as long as we possibly could. It was FINALLY a nice day and we hated to leave!

We jetted straight home that day. I would have stopped at my friend's house again for the night, but didn't want to risk passing on Logan's cold to her little guy. So 10.5 hours straight and we were home! With a cookie reward for us in Cedar City. :)

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Logan On The Beach

My favorite thing: Something different, somewhere new to take photos of my little model. :) I bought the Seasalt Summers actions last year and have been dying for new beach photos to play with them on. I don't use many actions anymore in my editing (other than the ones I've personally created for workflow), but these ones are so simple and easy for manipulating sand, water, and sky. Fun effects all around!

Sand in his hair.


A new favorite.

Logan. Just before flinging a handful straight into my mouth. Yum.

All done! No, I am not above bribing my kid with ice cream, to sit still and be nice for photos. :)

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Off To California!

I think this has been the hardest vacation to recover from. It was a couple years ago too. It's still real life, in that I have to take care of this kiddo and make some meals, but it's so nice to be somewhere else (aka the beach) and not have to stick to any strict schedules. Other than going to the beach before sunset, haha.

Apparently May is not the best time to go though.... It was cloudy/windy pretty much the whole time. That didn't stop us from finding plenty to do and having lots of fun, but I was sad we didn't get to go in the water even once. Wayyyyyy too cold. We also missed Rob, but since it was spur of the moment and we have other vacays planned this year, he couldn't take the time off.

One last family activity, Avengers 2, and then Logan and I were off!

Terrible photos but I had to document it... Watching moonset and sunrise within 30 minutes of each other on the way down. We had slept at a friend's house in Vegas for just a few hours and bounced at 4:30am.

Hello, Beautiful. Just had to go there first, couldn't resist.

"Dare's anoner wave!"

He was a little excited to see/meet his cousins!

We love our Kodiak Cakes and fresh berry syrup! ....Every single morning....

Instant buddy cousins.

California secondhand stores > Utah secondhand stores. (Yes. I bought it. Someday I'll wear it. Maybe.)

It was really warm, as you can see.

Though this was the coldest wind we put up with, the days were pretty much the same temps the whole time. I was sad we never got to swim, but still loved going!

Obligatory "May the Fourth be with you" photos from these sillies.


Pretty much the whole time. Crazy cousins.

*One* of our visits to the pier.

We loved watching waves!

Missing our Rob/Daddy....

Smooshed pennies! So exciting!

"Dare's anoner wave!"

How I loved this little Chris clone!

Huntington Beach Farmer's Market, carne asada fries....

Making friends at the farmer's market.

They both love TV. Peas in a pod.