Friday, June 12, 2015

Art City Days 2015

The extent of our activities this year. As much as I'd love to do more, I'm tired of the heat and miss having Rob here with us.

First up was Fun-A-Rama and carnival yesterday, then Balloon Fest and the fireman's breakfast today!

I love that smile.

He chose a dinosaur tattoo and blue hair. He didn't freak out at the hair spray this year!

We met up with friends there and Logan was really excited to see Daxton. He ran right up to him and gave him a huge hug. They loved riding the train together!

A little more of Fun-A-Rama. 

Then off to the carnival! Check out that death grip on the ferris wheel. :)

Mmmm, nachos and Kiwanis scone!

One of his favorites.

An easy one.

Haha, I wanted to see how he'd do on this after last year. I think he actually enjoyed it this time, though it still doesn't look it.

Up bright and early this morning for Balloon Fest! We hurried over and got one of the last numbers for a ride.

Then wandered around and did the other activities there while waiting for our turn.

He was a little excited for another tattoo, and loved comparing it with some random stranger's tattoos, haha.

Watching the balloon go up and playing on a bouncy playground!

The wait was a little longer than I expected.... Two hours! We got tired. But that didn't stop him from running and screaming when it was our turn!

Going up!

He got to look out a little "window".

And our last activity, the fireman's breakfast at the fire station! (Devil. Ha.)

Teaching Logan to share.....

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

My Boys

Some time with Logan & Becks while Rob is gone.

My little model, helping me test out light placement before a session.

Killing time up the canyon before a different session. Throwing rocks.

After that session, we headed to Jolley's for some flying. It was a PERFECT evening, no wind at all, to play and practice! Man, I love it. It's such a rush!

Ummmmm. Logan likes to help me get my shoes. This is how he brought them to me in the morning.

I like his idea of summer.

Oh wait, more photos of Logan? Haha. Obsessed.

I was supposed to have a session in Mapleton last night. They had to reschedule, but I decided to go anyway with Logan, because it's one of my favorite places and I thought it'd be fun to do some more flying there.

Turns out the flying wasn't so great, though. The slightest bit of wind makes things tough and it was pretty constant last night. :( This video is terrible, due to fighting the wind, and me not feeling like really trying to find a good audio clip. So I just slapped one on for the heck of it.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Art City Days 2015 Beginnings

Cue: Repeat of two years ago when Rob had to miss Art City Days and Logan and I went it alone. :(

Teddy Bear Tea with cousins!

Logan actually paid better attention this year.

Afterwards, we went outside to make superhero shields (one for Logan, one for puppy) and got some snacks!

That night was the Rubber Ducky Dunk'n'Dive at the pool!

Sigh, all the pools around here are just too cold for Logan. I wish he could enjoy water more. :( At least he got his popcorn and we won a squirt gun! :)

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Dad's Father's Day 2015

We gave dad his father's day gift early, since we won't see him that Sunday this year. Happy Father's Day Dad!

Josh, Maren, and Amelia, and I went in on it. Ordered it from Amazon, and had Becks try it on first. :) He wasn't a fan.

The whole thing. Nova was jealous of Gwen always getting to try on clothes, so it was her turn this time.

Maren taught me that you can take photo stills while shooting video! Haha.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Family Summer Time

Some time together before Rob left on another business trip. :(

Geocaching our way up Squaw Peak after dinner.

I haven't been up there since Rob and I first met. It's a gorgeous view!

And a couple more on our way back down.

First Saturday of the month, you know what that means!

Nothing to do after? Back up to the top of Hobble Creek for more geocaches. We found two!

Two Saturdays in a row geocaching Hobble Creek. Only wish it hadn't been windy so we could have flown the "hocker dotter" up there too.

I love this meadow.

That was a bit of a bipolar weather day. :) Hail and a heavy summer storm in the evening! At first, Logan liked it, but as it splashed him, the novelty wore off. 

Thursday, June 4, 2015

June & THE QUAD!

Still one of my favorite things to see. It's really hard to be mad at him when I find him reading, surrounded by piles of books he pulled out of the shelves.

We went to scout out the new Payson Temple a little bit! It's so pretty there!

While driving around, Logan was interested in the bag of vanilla bean ends I have in the car. So I handed it to him and let him play with it. Ask him him how it smelled and he said "It smells.... Tasty!"

AND...... we bought our first quadcopter! It's something I've been thinking about for a couple months now, and didn't really think it was possible since they all looked so expensive. But then Rob told me about these cheapies you can get to practice and we had to do it!

So far, we are having an absolute blast with it. I want to go out and fly it all the time! We've had windy days though since we got it, which has made it tough to learn. :) Logan adores it and constantly asks to go out and fly the "hocker docker"!

With the few videos we've taken so far though, I decided to start learning some video editing. I still have my old Adobe Suite CS4 installed on my computer, so I have Premiere and After Effects to learn now. Eek. So much work, but I know someday I'll be happy to have this skill in addition to my photography!

A random activity the other night, the opening reception for the new Family Vacation exhibit at the museum!

We were sitting at home when I noticed the SMOFA post on Insta and we decided to go. Logan loved meeting Smokey the Bear and getting an orange creamsicle drink!

Annnnd my turn to feel cruddy. Logan wasn't very sympathetic.... :) Felt good enough to go to the park in the evening though, where Logan discovered shadows. He kept jumping on mine and Daddy's, but couldn't understand why he couldn't jump on his own!

When Logan finds Beckham sleeping, he thinks he needs someone to cuddle with, so he'll lift Becks' head/arm, and shove puppy in.