Friday, April 24, 2015

Sigh, More Pink Eye

After getting Rob diagnosed and antibiotics, we were glad that neither Logan or I got it. No such luck, it turns out. 4 days since Rob got on his buggy druggies, Logan starting showing signs....

An hour difference, between calling the doc to make an appt, and sitting in the waiting room. It was crazy how fast it progressed once the symptoms showed up. And even better? Turns out the kiddo has an ear infection too! I suspect that may have started on Tuesday, because he started getting really grumpy then.

Home for rest, thank goodness.

A comparison of vacation antibiotics, and local Walmart antibiotics. Sheesh.

I really hate having to reschedule sessions, but after this today, I was glad the storm had moved in and cancelled it. It was nice to have some home time to cuddle with the sickie and watch some shows with Rob.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

The U

My first visit since going there for Freshman year, 12 years ago.... It was weird to walk around and recognize stuff that had changed so much.

We went to see Josh's senior project invention. Logan loves longboarding so he couldn't wait to hop on!

I think he enjoyed the ride.... We're pretty proud of Josh for finishing and getting a great job!

Walking around campus a bit. Hazy memories.

Logan found a "pinecone ball"!

Long day with a skipped nap, and Logan was happy to have Daddy home early along with Beckham to cuddle with.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Wood "Teepee"

We found this awesome teepee/lean-to/tent just down the street from the cabin! There was another in someone else's yard, but it was small, and this one was on the public land. I HAD to do some kind of fun photos there. Though it was cold, and I didn't really pack anything for Logan to wear that really matched the "feel" of the teepee, I still love them cuz they are my kid. :) I'm just hoping now it'll still be there next time we go in the summer, so I can maybe do more...

Sometimes even a pocketful of Skittles is not enough to bribe a three-year-old to take off his jacket for a photo in almost freezing temps.... Good thing it warmed up quick!

Two hours later: Playing with Grandpa's guitar in the woods near the cabin Great-Grandpa built.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Opening The Cabin

Not that we were much help "opening" the cabin this year, but it was still a good little trip. Poor Rob had a pretty bad cold and pink eye, so he didn't get to enjoy it much, but Logan and I went out on the ATV as much as we could!

Dad had a food request. Yum.

I love this little hand in mine.

Jumping off the snow was just so fun, until he face planted.

First ride! A little excited. :)

Look what we discovered down the street from the cabin!

I haven't actually been to Old Faithful and watch it go off in like years. We always seem to skip it when we go.

Logan was appropriately impressed. Though he kept pointing and talking about the "seahorse cloud"?

Logan's favorite way to nap.

Back to Yellowstone another day for a little walk around Grand Prismatic.

And checking out the old dump by where the hotel used to be. I loved these woods. Wish I had easily accessible trees like this at home for sessions.

Last ride. After he fell asleep on the one before and I had to hold him up the whole way back, Dad had an idea to keep him on if it happened again....

And my welcome home. We miss the cabin every time. Wish Rob had been able to enjoy it more also.

Friday, April 17, 2015


A new toy/app I got. I'm excited to play with it more, but here's a little taste of some fun it's been so far.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

April Spring Days

We planted flowering crab apples in our yard last summer. I didn't know then that we'd get pink AND white flowers from them and they attract honey bees! (Not just wasps!) They make me happy.

Logan convinced Daddy to take him to the playground while I was gone at weddings all day.

Joining the rat race at sunrise for some fun in SLC Monday morning!

That one time I had a client say that where I was standing to take her photo looked really cool so she wanted to take one of me. (Garden Park Ward in SLC)

My favorite part of our house is the view. Yes, including the dang cat who can't seem to keep himself healthy and uninjured.

The kid who can't sleep straight. He's always all over the place!

A sad day this week, we will miss Bunker so much. (9 1/2 year old photo, from my endowment. Haha, we're such babies here!)

My little reader loves his Knuffle Bunny books.

Logan does not understand or know the words "person" or "people". Instead, he refers to all humans as "friends". For example, "Mommy, look! A friend!" or "I see friends! Go play with friends!", etc.... I just don't have it in me to correct him.

Preschool, learning about and making "ahh-pus"!

The pittance of snow we got this week. Poor kid really missed the snow this winter. He was so excited to get bundled up so he could pick up chunks of snow, throw them on the patio, and stomp on them.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Shoes & Photos

In between regular stuff, we got out exploring and prepping for sessions this week. So I actually had my good camera with me, and took nice photos of Logan in those places, rather than just iPhone! :)

Preschool, learning about oceans now!

Ballet flats that stay on my feet and don't give me blisters! Hallelujah! Thanks to Sheridan, I'm totally obsessed with Yosi Samra now!
Winter during spring.... I don't know what it is about storms, but they make me want to get out and explore. After finding ourselves with a free morning, I decided to take a drive up the canyon to see if a favorite location is accessible yet. (It's not) but we had a little fun in the snow along the way!

And now, I'm ready for some more Spring!

Poor kid just didn't get enough snow to play with this year. He was so excited to see it and play in it, but with a bitter wind blowing (and I forgot my gloves), we both were done in about 5 minutes.

Last night, Logan randomly hugged my head against his chest and I could hear the little heartbeat that I first heard over 3 1/2 years ago.... The memory came rushing back so quickly, so much hope, wonder, love, longing, and other emotions attached to that simple little sound.

Cleaning out all my old shoes that I don't wear anymore and Logan had to try on every single one and say "Nope! Doesn't quiet fit."

He begged to take a bubble bath today. I got him settled in and kept working on other stuff. Went to check on him and ask how the bath was going. He said "It feels goooooood."

Oh the life of a photographer's child.... Extremely used to/tired of being a test subject.

Some fun in a field. (And with Photoshop....)

It was national sibling day something or other so I threw together a composite of the photos taken of us at Alex's wedding. Pretty good quick cobble job, if I do say so myself!