Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Bubbles On The Bedhead

We love touchable bubbles! By far my favorite kind, though I can only do them outdoors cuz they're a bit messy and they're a little spendy to buy very often. I think they're Logan's fave too, he loves that he can just walk around and stomp on all the bubbles stuck to the ground.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter 2014

I unintentionally went a little overboard this year. I don't want Logan to be super spoiled, so it was an accident.... I saw a great deal a couple weeks ago for a cute Easter basket already put together for only $8.49. I got it in the mail really quick and loved it! Then, a few days before the holiday, I went to pull out our Easter stuff, only to find a basket already made from clearance stuff the year before. Oops.... So we just combined them and left some of the stuff out. Gonna have to watch myself for future holidays though!

Logan's basket from the Easter bunny

He couldn't wait to empty his basket.....

....To find candy and beg Daddy to open!

We finally watched Because Of Him on Easter morning. Such a perfect little clip from the church, to remind me why I get to have my two boys for eternity!

Easter dinner with the Cooley's.

And I made waffles again!

I'm now on a sugar break, well, I guess a forever sugar break. I've decided it became too much of an addiction for me. Two weeks ago, I was up to about 4 desserts a day, most of them slathered in Nutella. I don't like feeling addicted and really hated how all that sugar made me feel. I tried cutting back to one dessert a day but it didn't work. So I've made myself completely cut back to a single dessert each weekend. Today, I'm two weeks strong! After the fondue at the Maughans, I did not let myself have a single bite of waffle, lick of whipped cream, or taste of nutella at the Cooleys. And I did it! This is a lifestyle change too. I have resolved to never have more than one dessert a week from now on. It does require some planning and a lot of work to resist, but I already feel so much better about myself and my health.

With this change though, now I'm realizing how much sugar is in everything! I've had to change my breakfast habits, I'm eating toast and eggs and trying to have more fruit, since I can't have my normal bowl of cereal anymore. I haven't completely cut back though, if a dinner recipe calls for a tablespoon of sugar or something, I'll eat it. Or I'll still make myself fruit smoothies with agave. It's really just the desserts and meal foods that contain lots of sugar I've cut out, and that alone really has been tough!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Fondue & Easter Fun

After the crazy morning at the Easter Extravaganza, we also enjoyed a quiet evening celebrating the holiday with the Maughans.

More egg hunting!

Babies and Daddies.

This was probably my favorite of all our hunts this year. I loved the mingling time with friends at the others but this was so nice cuz it was no pressure, low-key, just helping our two little kiddos pick up the way-too-many eggs we had. (My fault)

They were good at sharing too. :)

Logan's favorite were the little finger puppets from Janai's eggs!

So exciting!

Moms and all (3) kids, haha!

Such a happy easter!

I love this family of mine!

After our egg hunt, we did our fondue. It turned out just as yummy as last time!

Brynna sent me a recipe for edible peeps playdough. I tried it and, though I made it wrong, Logan loved it!

We all tasted it and it was ridiculously sugary, even Logan only had a few bites before he was done.

And then winding down with iPads.....

And iPhones, all of us.

Love watching these two kids together!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter Extravaganza

This year, my friend Kim, and her hubby's coworkers put on an awesome little Easter festival for clients friends, and family. We had a blast and loved every minute of that perfect spring morning!

I waited in line for the hot air balloon while they played on the playground.

Going up!

So fun!

Coming down!

Logan's favorite, the air slide.

At some point, you're just tired of trying to wash red/orange foods off your kid's white shirt every time he wears it, so he gets lunch without it....

And another hunt. So much competition! Logan's getting better though, at waiting to go and then picking up his eggs to go in the basket.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Photo Stuff

I'm obsessed with canvas now. It's such a clean look! Can't wait to get new family photos too!

More rocks thrown in water....

I've found the spot I want to do our family photos. And it's greening up nicely!

Hoping to use this tree with them. I had my little model hang out underneath to see what it'd look like.

He just loves getting out and wandering places with me. 

Whatever Makes Him Happy

First fall off his slide. Poor kiddo got pretty cut up. Fruit snacks made everything better though.

His sauce buffet.

This was actually a pretty painless dinner night out. Usually we have to work pretty hard to make him be good at restaurants, but he was happy this time while he ate his mixed spoonfuls of cheese sauce, ranch, fry sauce, and ketchup.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


He could totally pull it off. :)