Monday, March 24, 2014

More March Fun

Loves his Curious George coloring book from Grandma!

We tried a new recipe, Grilled Naan Pizzas. They're soooo good!

Logan likes them too!

Logan had his two year appointment. Because we had him do an MMR study last year, he didn't have to get any shots this time! And he's finally 50% for height and still the same 10% weight and 75% head.

Helping me fill out a questionnaire at the docs....

Oh the tough life of a toddler.... This is the result I found after a tantrum. Someone was tired.

Helping Daddy golf.

Selfies with him.

Love this little guy and his hugs!

Mr. Independent. Had to stand and see everything.

Sitting in the bag his toys came in.

No.... No, my son is not running around, wearing a fuzzy purple scarf....

Logan and cute Ava during her two-year photos.

I love this photo and I love them. We need to do this again, they're too adorable together!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Logan's Second Birthday

I can't believe my little baby Logan is two already! I love my sweet, demanding, energetic, blue-eyed boy!

We planned a fun-filled day for his birthday and I'm so happy that we had nice weather the whole day and loved every minute with our little boy and family and friends.

Sweet dreams, my baby boy. I hope you enjoy your birthday surprise. (And I reeeeeeeaaaaaally hope none of them pop during the night....)

 I think he liked it....

Rob got him up in the morning, and he couldn't wait to show me!

Then eat breakfast on his birthday present.

His little haul from us. :)

The zoo!

Such a good morning with our family!


I loved the underwater windows at the seal exhibit.

So did he

Logan and his cousins!

And grandma!


Too much energy!

Everyone rode the carousel!

Logan loved riding with Grandma!


And the monkeys were last.

Lunch was at Tucanos, mmmmmm. Everyone found something to enjoy there!

A little downtime for a nap and walk in the afternoon.

Ready for party!

If you are bored..... 33 minutes of Logan's second year!

Mmmmmmmmm, love those chocolate cupcakes!

Logan's birthday cupcake and the setup.

A nerf gun!

Foam building blocks! (Not wood, shudder....)

Hot wheels track!

A regular favorite, new books!

He is obessed with his new play table from Grandpa Cooley!

The Hansens gave him a playtent and matching tunnel. Total hit!

So fun!

Happy birthday, my baby boy!

"Yummy!" Haha.

Learning to blow out the candles.

And lots of enjoyment to be had with eating his birthday cake.



In between outfits after his cupcake.

I think everyone enjoyed the tunnel a little too much.

Aunt Amelia scaring the kids.

Hanging out with Grandma and giving Madeleine hugs.

She looks confused.

It looks like his consoling her, haha.

Thanks to everyone who celebrated with us!

And his last present arrived a few days later from Grandma Wasden and G & G Corey. He adores it!

And Lucy likes to sit at the bottom and lick his face. Dumb dog.