Thursday, June 25, 2015

Logan The Patriot

Well, I did it. I finally made a separate brand for my more artsy type photos. Still so much to do, by way of a website and figuring out how to sell prints, but it's a start! These photos of Logan are my favorites I've done so far. Of course, I'll probably come up with some new theme next month and then have new favorites, but these are good for now. :)

The first and last images were my favorites of the set, but I loved the middle one enough to make a b&w play also. I should try it with the first one sometime too.

I randomly measured him that day and his head circumference is 20" and his stomach circ is 19"....

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Mountain View Hospital Teddy Bear Clinic 2015

Yet another fun activity from last year, that we were excited to go to again this year!

Face painting!

I would totally trust a doctor who looked like this. The snake tattoo just clinches it.

Logan was so excited for every new adventure there, I had to keep calling him back from running ahead of the group. :)

Cousins in a helicopter!

All done, enjoying treats with their haul from the morning!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Lazy Summer Days

I've been so bad at doing stuff outdoors this year. May was so rainy, and now the 100 dgree temps day after day of June, I find myself less and less willing every day to leave the house! Poor Logan is getting bored, but even he has lost patience with the heat.

An example of my typical view during morning workouts.... A few minutes later he had disappeared. I called to him to get dressed and he called back, "No, reading stories."

(One of the times Becks finally actually lost patience with him)
L: (Holding his finger wrapped in Puppy) Want my finger back.
Me: Where is your finger?
L: Soft kitty bit me.
Me: Were you hurting soft kitty?
L: Uh-huh. (Sad face)

This cat has put up with a lot over the last three years. Everything Logan does to him, he just takes it with a "meh, whatever".

Our first visit to the new Bartholemew Park in Springville! Now we need to take swim stuff sometime!

A treasure find at DI. I may only use it once or twice before I get rid of it, but I'm excited to try it! And worth it for how cheap it was. :)

Logan quite enjoyed MY visit to the dentist today.

Logan says:
Put Logan in his room for quiet time so I could shower. While in the shower, I could hear him running around our room, probably chasing dogs. So I got out and opened the door. Logan ran away (pretending to still be in bed) and Lucy ran in. Closed the door and got back in the shower. Heard Logan run back in and lay by the door calling "Luuuuucy! Come out! Let Lucy out! Lucy come playyyyyyy!"

Daddy had a long day at work today and only just barely made it home for bedtime. Logan was happy to wait up a few extra minutes to see him.

And help him drive his bike in.

Surprise, Ellery's cousins were at the studio the same day I had a wedding consultation, while their mom was meeting with the talent academy on the lower floor!

Cutest little porcupines!

Logan brought this to me and I asked if he had a panda puppet. He said "No, a Lucy puppet."

Haha, so much work on so a bad photo....

This is what Beckham thinks about the heat lately.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Playstreet Provo 2015

We had so much fun last year, we were excited to go again this! And we made sure we were there right at opening so we could have our fun and escape before it got hot. :)

First off to get our kolaches for breakfast!

Then off to see puppies!

Must. Love. Them. All.

We had to DRAG him away from the puppy rental place.

But he got to pet a snake and salamander next!

A few more fun activities before we left.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

More Geocaching

Of course. Yet again. I'm not taking as many photos though anymore, some caches not at all, so the posts will probably decrease on them now. :)

Ninjas! We finally found ourselves a little something to leave at the geocaches that are big enough for treasures.

Rock Canyon!

Welcome back, fanny pack. (I know I should hate this trend resurgence, but seriously, it's just so dang convenient!)

Another find and leaving a ninja!

Logan and I went and grabbed one without Rob one morning.

And another find on my own after a session one night!

Sadly, our first ruined one, found at Payson Lakes. I cleaned it best I could, but it needs someone to clean it good and/or replace it.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Ellery's Birthday

Cutie Ellery's (awesome) birthday party, a quick geocache find, and.... OUT!

Greg and Alayne really went all out for her party and we had so much fun with our friends!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Cabin 2015 Part 3?

I think we're on 3, haha. This is the year of the wanderlust I guess. We've never been big into traveling, only a few trips a year, but this year is something almost every month it seems! Not that I'm complaining, I've enjoyed the many breaks, even with the responsibility juggling we've had to do.

Ready to go! It's too hot in Utah....

We spent a lot of time at Earthquake Lake this trip. Sad story but pretty drive.

Pancakes. Every morning. It was such gorgeous weather this trip, we really enjoyed our time outside!

"Aaaaaaaaaddie! Caaaaaaaaaaarson! Couuuuuuuuuuusions!" Haha, those two couldn't resist Logan constantly begging them to jump with him the entire trip!

More Earthquake Lake. We've been searching for this view spot for a couple years and finally found it again! (Technically, this is at Hebgen, just above the dam.)

We found a cache while we were at it! Logan wasn't too hot on sharing his treasure, haha.

More Earthquake Lake cabins.

And more caches! The last one was really impressive, someone drilled out the middle of that bolt and put a teeny plastic tube in it!

Nova actually let him within 20 feet of her! She must have been desperate for attention. :)

"Oh! A friend!" - And a loooong day without a nap, oops.


Taking a break from his 2749th hour of jumping on the trampoline this weekend.

Petting a bear and seeing some Elk in Mammoth! We saw lots of "Boosin" that day.

Attempted quick photos with an old tour bus.

We made it to the top of the Mammoth trail!

Our reward that day.

And home from our trip. This is a typical sight when Logan misses naps these days. If he doesn't nap, he gets grumpy and falls asleep at the easiest opportunity. If he does, he wants to stay up until midnight.