Monday, August 24, 2015

On A Monday

A little splash pad with Paxton and Brynna and then we spent family night scouting urban locations for my upcoming shoot, haha.


Hanging with Daddy. (And searching for pockets.)

This one will never see the light of day on Jocelyn Marie // Fine Art Photography, because of the poor quality and terrible exposure. But it was a fun practice. I'm looking forward to when the grounds will be photogenic so I'm not shooting at crazy angles to keep ugly construction tents and port-a-potties out of the photo!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Tail End of Summer, Hint of Fall

Only a hint so far, but I'm noticing the cooler breezes, smells, and cooler mornings. I love Fall, but it makes me sad because that means Winter will be here soon. I hate being cooped up.

Logan learned not to bug/hurt the fat kitty. She's got a strong arm on her.


A friend we found while exploring, glad we didn't touch it! 

Logan's treasure chest is coming along nicely!

I told him Daddy will be home soon so he went outside to sit and wait. His eyes didn't leave the end of the street, and he perked up at every motor sound he heard.

Good morning, my cuddle buddies. This morning, he woke up way too early and I told him to go back to bed. He comes back a minute later and asked in his saddest voice, "Can puppy come cuddle with you?" Irresistible little punk.

Logan discovered my old bean bag animals. I think he likes them.

Watercolor painting at preschool!

Logan's wiggle car has been acting up lately. I got Rob to fix it and while he was working on it, Logan went to him, gave him a big hug, and said, "Thank you for fixing my wiggle car, Daddy!"

Talent = Told him he had to put shoes on to play with pop-its. He came back out like this. Somehow grabbed one shoe from two different pairs, and still ended up with each shoe on the wrong foot.

Helping sweep up after pop-its.

Logan found a friend in our garage!

Another morning.

Making up his own rules for the game. Roll the dice on the board, and wherever it lands, you get that many of that thing (ex 4 donuts).

Helping me set up for a product shoot. After I got done setting up, I loved it so much, I wish my room was pretty like this!

Six months of Beckham sleeping. Maren calls it Beckham porn. Haha. Maybe we should just change his name to Xanax. (It amazes me that he can sleep like this in our household, especially since half of these photos were taken with Logan running around nearby.)

I think Daddy's helmet may be a bit too heavy for this kid.

Another day at Payson Lakes.

Logan wanted to go visit Uncle Josh on the other side. Told him he could go and watched him walk all the way around all by himself!

We didn't bring our boat this time, but Hansens did, so Logan got a little ride over the water.

So much cloning out in this image. There were a lot more fishermen than beach goers this trip.

I'm always cold at church. They turn the temps as far down as they go in our building. Today, I'm sitting here in our regular spot waiting for sacrament to start and realize how much power I have....

How many people does it take to repair a sprinkler head? Apparently 6.... Plus 3 dogs.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Meteors, Star Trails, & The Milky Way

When I was fourteen, my family went on vacation to Yellowstone. Along the way, my Dad mentioned that his old family cabin was near Yellowstone, in Island Park, and he could show us it? My siblings and I were really excited to see and said let's do it. Imagine our surprise when we pulled up and saw the "For Sale" sign in the front yard! I could see how excited my Dad was and wondered how long it would take him to buy it.... *72 hours.* He and Mom made several long trips (it's approx 5 hours from home, on a good straight drive) in those few days and it was ours.

Dad's Dad built the cabin out of an old railroad shack. Ever since finding it for sale, I've always felt it was just waiting for us to come along and bring it back into the family again. It was perfect timing and it's one of my favorite places to be. I feel the history there, and the long future it will now have in our family, which it will never leave again, as long as I can help it.

Ever since our first summer, I've ached to be able to do some astrophotography there. The stars are so bright away from the cities! Even that young, more than ten years before I got my first DSLR, I knew it was a fantastic place for it. But it's taken this many years before I felt up to it. Mostly, I felt I didn't have the skill set, but also having to stay up late when I want to sleep after long, fun days. :)

I didn't even want to do it this trip! Cuz that meant a LATE night, especially the night we arrived. But Rob found out we were going to be there right at the peak of the Perseid meteor shower and convinced me. So we put Logan down to bed at the cabin and headed to the railroad bridge over the river nearby.

By no means are these photos perfect. They are darker than I'd prefer and the grain in them is insane. I did a lot of work to get them looking the way they do here. But I learned so much from these few nights (I went out 3 of the 4 nights we were there.), I'm looking forward to next year when I have some new gear and tools to do a much better job with them! And even with all of their flaws, I absolutely love how they turned out. I just want to do morrrrrrre. Too bad we're back in light pollution land now.

I chose 12 images as my favorites for processing. It's a bit of a mix of meteors, star trails, the Milky Way, a lightning storm in the distance, clouds, and the railroad bridge.

(A 15 minute exposure.)

(40 minutes. Next year, I'm going to do 90 minutes!)

Friday, August 14, 2015

Cabin Trippin', Part 5-ish

Too few days of bliss. I know I say this every time, but going to the cabin always feels like coming home, and so depressing leaving to come back to the real world. I guess it's the feeling of leaving all work behind, can't do any, so we can enjoy ourselves more.

Not really part of the trip, but this was earlier in the day before we left. He was so hot, he was panting in his sleep. I needed to pack up the yard stuff before we left and he didn't move. I finally moved him off the cushions to put away and he went inside to curl up on Rob's nasty wet gym towel that had somehow ended up on the floor.

I've been looking forward to this trip for weeks. Couldn't wait to go out on the kayaks a ton!

Mom dropped us off for our first ride down the Snake. It took us just about 1.5 hours to get down, a far cry better than the 3 hours it took in the rubber raft/boat last year.

I have a waterproof "case" for my phone now. :)


And the end. I liked the small kayaks so much last time, but these bigger ones are fabulous! (No capsizing for Rob!)

Then out for an ATV ride! (Logan's face these days when I tell him we're going to take a picture. Sigh.)

And some treasure hunting! Lots of ammo cans up there.

One of the funnest finds we've had! This geocache is a new one, only placed last month. The person who created it sliced off the stump top, drilled a cavity in it, and used a hinge to reattach the top!

We attempted Sawtelle Peak one evening. But ended up not doing a whole lot because of the huge storm that blew up along the way.

Temp wasn't bad but the wind was crazy, way worse than the usual Sawtelle wind. And Logan passed out along the way.

One more ammo can treasure.

Logan's favorite part of the cabin.

We's a Toms family on vacation.


Our last kayak trip. This time we just put in at the county boat launch and paddled around a bit.

It was a cool evening, great for not getting in the water, haha.

The perfect evening. Just wish it wasn't the end already.

And one last night of chillin' with the bats at the river.... (Tried my hand at some night photography, coming in the next post.)