Sunday, July 6, 2014

July 2014 Cabin Trip Part 2

More of the same as the first half of our trip. Doing whatever, whenever. We had a surprisingly fun 4th, even though I wasn't sure if West Yellowstone would do fireworks. We did find out they had a parade and fireworks when we got there though, so we had something "patriotic" to do. Oh, and Logan enjoyed his little flag that Grandma left for him!

Not my best shooting/editing

He loved playing with it though

And waving it in the air!


First dip in the Snake. He loved it even though it was cold.

A little splashing at the boat dock.

It was perfect.

Maybe a little (lot) cold though....

Notice where Rob was for these photos. I can see where Logan gets his dislike of cold from.

Getting tired of the frozen tootsies.

Filtered photo from the phone. I dunno, I really liked how this effect came out!

Sigh. Lovely. This is what Logan woke up from nap looking like.

We did some googling and found out it's a result of a mosquito bite too close to the eyelid, and then when he laid down for sleep, the histamine produced pooled in his stretchy eyelid and swelled up.

Nothing to do but wait a few days for it to go down on it's own. Or get worse and go to a doc.

He heard the parade starting while we were eating and RAN out into the street, so excited for it to go by!

But we still had to wait a few for it to come around the block, so we finished our dinner at Buckaroo Bills.

"Meeting" Smokey!



I can't believe how much this kid waved that night! His arm was up and down at everyone who would even glance at him!

The teddy bear jeep. This one, he just stopped, and stared at it.

A bouncing three-wheeled car. That was fun to watch!

Cute does get you somewhere, even with a big ol' shiner!

All in all, we were pretty impressed with West Yellowstone's little parade. Then, we had 2+ hours to kill until fireworks. Watch movie on iPad....

Play in the dirt.

Take pictures

Show off the "Fight Club eye".

Cuddle with mom and dad.

These next few photos were a surprise find. More of just hanging out while waiting for fireworks, I decided to get some photos of the sky alone, to maybe use as sky overlays in other photos. Then Logan came over to play and I figured I'd have some fun photos of him playing. I took them, expecting either Logan to be too dark or the sky too bright to recover in Photoshop. But once I pulled them in, it was a happy surprise to see both so beautifully! Gotta love the power of raw photography plus Photoshop. I think these are my absolute favorite photos of my little guy so far!

And a typical fireworks shot. From the West Yellowstone 4th celebration.

A (slightly disappointing) visit to Earthquake Lake. I'd heard the visitor center had been remodeled, but it wasn't as changed as I expected it would be. Then I wanted to do the little hike/walk down the path to the homes that were half under water, but we couldn't find it!

Seesaw with Daddy. He would jump on and beg us to join him!

Still rockin' the eye.

He loved playing with his new 'Merica rubber duck in the Snake River.

Running on the big trampoline!

Watchoo lookin' at, huh?

Tough day for all. Lots of hard work.

Loving the seesaw. He never wanted to get off!

Getting ready to go on our last ATV ride of the trip.

Logan was excited.

We all loved our rides!


Daddy's turn to drive.

Just strap Logan on, and he'd cuddle up and enjoy the ride.

And what's a ride into the woods, without finding another perfectly photogenic spot?

I think this one kinda hides the eye a little.....

Sadly, there wasn't a whole lot of pics with the little guy's face in them after the mosquito bite.

I still love these ones though!

And loved that he would follow my directions, to sit and play with his flower.

Last sight of the ATV ride, we found a falcon(?) nest in the power lines! At first, we thought he'd built the nest where they didn't want to, and it wasn't until I got home and was able to zoom in on the photos on the computer, that I could see that was a built platform for a bird nest.