Monday, March 17, 2014

St. Patrick's Day & Swimming

Such a fun St. Patrick's Day this year!

We picked up one of his birthday presents that morning. It should have been a surprise, but I couldn't resist that happy face, excited to carry it out himself!

Ugh, I can't believe I forgot to take a pic of his shirt. This is the best you get.

And family night at the pool! The water was dyed green!

He was our silly swimmer this time.

I'm so glad he's learning to enjoy swimming!

They also threw coins in the water.

Logan wanted a ball with his coin.

Toothy smile

He's telling me what he got. "Bawwwwwwwwwwl!"

Ball lover

And he definitely enjoyed the free popcorn this time!

Friday, March 14, 2014

March Adventures

I love that it's getting warmer. When I was teaching, March was tough because there were no breaks at all. But now I love it because it means things are starting to warm up! And we take advantage of every nice day we can!

We found a huge pile of wood in the back corner of a park nearby. There was a bunch of groundhogs hanging out there! I also suspect a beaver lives close by.....

We've already been on like 5 bike rides. I love getting out!

Lazy butts. This is what I wake to, tangled around me every morning.

Aw, cute cousins playing together!

Coming soon.... Logan's two-year-old photos. This is just one part of like five shoots I did with him.

Bike ride to Rob's work....

....To feed the ducks and geese!

I dunno, he looks so old right here. Like a lazy teenager, zoned on out TV.

More fun at another photo location. He is such a boy, loves rocks! He was picking them up all over and lining them on this piece of wood.

My Costco lunch date.

Sigh. I wish he was a normal kid that liked hotdogs, chicken nuggets, etc. At least he ate some bread and ketchup I guess....

He's always helpful when I'm setting up studio stuff for sessions.

Sunset was pretty from Rock Canyon Park one evening.

More baby cocoons! Can't wait to have another newborn shoot to play with!

Introducing Captain Cupcake, the peg-leg pirate! Silly boy.

Enjoying his new coloring book from Grandma and fun clicky "crayon".

We tried a new recipe, grilled Garlic Naan Pizzas. They turned out really yummy, we'll totally make them again!

Logan seemed to like them pretty well too.

Quick photo of my Rob at one of the locations we were playing with for Logan's pics.

My silly boy.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Discovery Museum @ The Gateway

Rob took the day off and we went with Brynna and kiddos to the Gateway. It was kinda crowded but Logan still had a ball, playing with all the stuff he was allowed to touch. :)

Playing with the plastic ball systems and xylophone! 

He loved tossing cushions down this construction tube.

Water (messes) is always a favorite!

He loved building on this magnet table.

Flying the helicopter with Daddy!

Haha, every time the helicopter made takeoff noises, he'd go and wave at it.

Monday, March 10, 2014

DIY Newborn Baby Cocoon from Adult Hat Tutorial

This is a really tough DIY. I mean really. It took all of my computing capacity to figure out how to make it work. Are you ready? Really? Sure? Okay....

1. Buy a wide/long knit or crochet beanie/hat for $1 at the thrift store.
2. Wash it.
3. Run a ribbon/string through the last stitches by the opening.
4. Put baby in it and cinch ribbon/string around baby's shoulders.

Whew! Got that? It's hard, huh!

Haha, I guess I just have to brag a little at my random, once-in-forever stroke of brilliance. I can't knit. I can barely crochet, and really don't have much desire to learn, even with the nice friends I have willing to teach me. But I can make stuff out of stuff. And a large adult hat fits a teeny little newborn body in it perfectly!

(My one attempt at making one. I do love it, but it's cheaper/easier/faster to just buy hats!)

I'll admit, I wasn't sure it'd work when I first thought of it. I bought a couple of hats at D.I. and figured I'd find a newborn to test them on. Then the test went so amazingly well, I had to get more! So here's my six new ones I just got, and I'm definitely going to be living at my thrift store for the next couple months, as spring cleaning brings a bunch more in!

*One note, I have been getting larger beanies for this. Not just a hat with a single layer of fabric, but the hats that look longer, or are very very stretchy, or have a foldover brim that I can unfold. I don't think one sized exactly for an adult head would fit a baby, but most are made with that foldover as a decoration, and that makes them big enough!

Can't wait for my next victim sweet little newborn to play with these more!

Friday, March 7, 2014

DIY Newborn Hammock Tutorial

This was a major experiment on my part! I had a vision, and hoped it would come out but really didn't know. But it worked and I really look forward to using my hammock for many newborns to come!

$5 for the rickety quilt rack from the thrift store.

My little helper, as we took it apart and reassembled.

Basically, I took the feet and two center rails out, then flipped the top over and secured it back to the feet. Then put some of the original bolts back in the top of each pole, to hang fabric from.

I used a scarf to measure how big I wanted to make the hammock part.

Made the hammock out of some leftover canvas from my teepee. I used the scarf to figure out how big to make it, then measured a little more, so I could double foldover and double stitch. The canvas is very strong and sturdy, but also unravels easily, if a raw edge is left.

Finished the forming, on to the painting! I also tested weight at this point, with bags of flour and sugar. It didn't strain at all, and I tested up to 15 pounds!

And I've already had the chance to test it with two babies! I love how it turned out and love how well it worked with both of them! (Please, no comments on safety, both babies' moms were right by their sides for these photos, so there would be no problem. Moms are edited out of the photos.)